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      Rutger Bakt - Monday 1 July 2024

      Recipe: Delicious Savory Bread: Recipe for Cheese Bread with Bacon and Mustard

      Delicious Savory Bread: Recipe for Cheese Bread with Bacon and Mustard

      Enjoy a savory treat with this delicious recipe for cheese bread with bacon and mustard. Perfect for any occasion, from a relaxing lunch to a cozy picnic in the park.



      1. Fry the bacon bits in a skillet on medium heat for about 5 minutes until they are lightly browned. Drain them in a sieve and let them cool to room temperature.

      2. Prepare the bread dough according to the chosen recipe. Add the coarse mustard 2 minutes before you are ready kneading and knead it into the dough. Then add the cooled bacon bits and cheese cubes and knead them briefly into the dough.

      3. Follow the further instructions of the basic recipe to bake the bread.

      Variations and Tips:

      • Herb Butter and Honey: Spread slices of this cheese bread with creamy herb butter and add a touch of honey for a delightful sweet and spicy flavor combination.

      • Tomato Tapenade and Arugula: Make a quick tomato tapenade and top your cheese bread with it. Add some fresh arugula for a refreshing twist.

      • Grilled Vegetable Spread: Generously spread your cheese bread with homemade grilled vegetable spread for an extra flavorful and healthy treat.

      • Apple Syrup and Aged Cheese: Top your cheese bread with slices of aged cheese and add a drizzle of apple syrup for a unique and surprisingly tasty combination of sweet and savory.

      • Chutney and Walnuts: Serve your cheese bread with a spicy chutney and some crunchy walnuts for a festive and flavorful treat that your guests will surely appreciate.

      Experiment with these variations and discover your own favorite way to enjoy this delicious cheese bread!

      For a perfect result, bake this cheese bread in the bread cloche, a cast iron bread pan developed in collaboration with Rutger Bakt. Its unique design ensures even heat distribution, making your bread perfectly crispy and flavorful every time.

      This recipe was created in collaboration with Chris Putman.

      Photos: Saskia Lelieveld

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