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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Frequently Asked Questions
      This page lists the FAQs and their answers. Do you have a question that does not appear in the FAQ? Please contact The Windmill by email or telephone and we will respond.


      1. The manual indicates the pans are to be seasoned before use but the pans are pre-seasoned, i.e. pre-treated. Why?

      Answer: A pre-seasoned layer is added at the factory. This layer is a little rough and is visible when you take the product out of its packaging. This layer ensures the pans are protected during transport and on shop shelves.

      The pans must be seasoned before use and be properly maintained. The terms may be confusing, but when seasoning, you need to add a few layers of grease. Our own cast-iron conditioner (TWM090) can be used to do so. The advantage of using our own conditioner is that it does not feel greasier when seasoned, which it does when using oil. Always use food-grade products to season The Windmill products.



      Pre-seasoned = protective layer applied at the factory

      Seasoned = the layer to protect your cast-iron product from rust and the perfect non-stick coating when cooking.


      1. Can I use olive, wok, peanut or sunflower oil to season my cast-iron product?

      Answer: Yes, but we do not recommend this because most oils have a specific flavour. You will taste the oil in your dishes. When using oil, you will also notice a greasy layer on the product that attracts dust.


      1. How do I remove the handle from my Dutch oven?

      Answer: You don’t! The stainless steel handle of the Dutch oven can remain attached to the pan when seasoning. The manual refers to our pie irons. These products have a stainless steel and wood handle. This handle has a threaded fitting, which must be removed when the product is seasoned.


      1. There is food stuck to the pan. How do I remove it all? Should I season it again?

      Answer: There are various ways to clean the pan of food residue. You can pour some water in the pan and bring it to a boil. The food usually detaches, and you can easily brush it off. Then treat the pan the same way as you did beforehand. You can also use a washing-up brush, but you may damage the seasoned layer without realising. Season the pan again just to be sure.


      1. The manual indicates that water and cast-iron pans are not a good match. Can I boil water in the pan?

      Answer: Of course. After using the pan, rinse it with water, heat it up, then season it again with a thin layer of conditioner, for example The Windmill conditioner (TWM090). 


      1. My cast-iron pan is rusty, what should I do?

      Answer: That depends on how rusty the pan is. Small spots can be brushed away with a wire brush. Then season it again like the first time, when you purchased the pan. The rust will no longer be visible. If the whole pan is rusty, it can be (sand-)blasted. This removes the protective layer, which means it needs be seasoned again afterwards.


      1. No smoke is emitted from the product as per the instructions. Is there a problem?

      Answer: Once you have applied the conditioner, you will season this layer. It is important that it starts to smoke. You can increase the temperature to season the layer. For example, 180-200°C. Do not increase the temperature so high that the layer gets burnt.


      1. What kind of material is used for the barbecue pan lid knobs and what is the highest temperature they can resist?

      Answer: The barbecue pan lid knobs are made of Bakelite. The Bakelite lid knobs can resist temperatures up to 200-220°C. Do you want to heat the pan to a higher temperature? Use the stainless steel lid knob. This lid knob is available as an accessory in our product range.


      1. I’d like to make a claim against the guarantee. How do I do so?

      Answer: Contact the shop or website where you bought the product to make a claim against the guarantee. Did you purchase it directly from our website, Amazon or If so, contact us directly.


      1. Should I season the campfire set and the fireplace?

      Answer: No, there is no need to. You can season it to prevent rust. You will not be preparing food directly on the cast-iron parts, so seasoning is not required. If you decide not to season it, it will rust.


      1. Do you stock lids for skillets and frying pans?

      Answer: Yes and no. These lids are not available as individual items from our product range. You can use the following barbecue pan or Dutch oven lids for three of our skillets:


      The small barbecue pan (TWM006) lid fits the regular skillet (TWM003).

      The 4.25-litre Dutch oven pan (TWM009) lid fits the maxi skillet (TWM004).

      The 5.9-litre Dutch oven pan (TWM010) lid fits the extra-large skillet (TWM005); the 8.5-litre Dutch oven pan (TWM011) doesn’t, but it nearly does. It is a little bigger than the skillet and can be used. It will not fall in.

      The 5.9-litre Dutch oven pan (TWM010) lid and 8.5-litre Dutch oven pan (TWM011) fit the frying pan (TWM037).


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