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      The Windmill® Genuine Dutch Cast Iron - Tuesday 7 May 2024

      How to Firepit Stick

      Cooking on the fire, once a necessity, now a pleasant hobby. We've lined up some inspiration for using our firepit sticks.


      We're sure we are all familiar with these, but they're too fun not to mention! Roasting marshmallows over a campfire brings out the child in all of us!

      Another obvious one! But you shouldn't miss it either. You can heat up frankfurters or bratwurst deliciously over the campfire.


      Bread and croissants
      Baking bread over the fire requires a bit more preparation, but if you have prepared bread dough, you can bake delicious fresh rolls over the fire. Have you ever thought about croissants? Wrap the croissant dough around the stick and bake it for about 10 minutes over the fire until it's golden brown. You can vary this by adding cheese or chocolate, or afterward putting in jam. Mess guaranteed, but that's allowed!


      A slice of pineapple, banana with chocolate, or a baked apple. Remove the core from the apple and fill with raisins and cinnamon. Then wrap it in aluminum foil, stick it on the stick and keep it well in the fire until the apple becomes soft. - Yes, you can also lay them directly in the fire, but this way is much more fun!

      And with all of the above, remember: turn regularly! It would be a shame to let them burn. Bon appétit!

      Did you know..?

      The peel of an orange can be used for various dishes? For example, you can deliciously warm up a shot of rum in it. This keeps it not only fun for the kids. There are also numerous recipes available for baking cake, brownies, or cinnamon rolls over the fire in the peel of an orange.



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